Reproduction Leather Colonial Shoes with Buckles
Reproduction Leather Colonial Shoes with Buckles
Reproduction Leather Colonial Shoes with Buckles
Reproduction Leather Colonial Shoes with Buckles

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Reproduction Leather Colonial Shoes with Buckles

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  • Leather Shoes with Latchets
  • Reproduction 18th Century Leather Shoes / Colonial Era Shoes
  • Includes 1 Pair of Brass Buckles
  • Buckles are NOT attached. Assembly will be Required
  • See VIDEO below for information on how to attach the Buckles

Customer Reviews

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Customer KCL
for my nine-year-old

Seem very authentic and of good quality material. Setting the buckle was a little interesting but worked well. Recommend as a quality product

Jim Hall
Great Value! They run small.

These shoes are a great value. They run small, especially in the toe box. I ordered in my normal shoe size (8.5). I could barely cram my foot into the shoe. I contacted customer service to exchange for 1/2 size up (9). Customer service suggested moving up a full size (9.5). I did. They were too big, so I added insoles. They work great! The (9) may have worked, but I think the toe box would have been tight (low). A person with a smaller big toe and narrow foot may not have an issue with 1/2 size increase. I am glad I ordered a full size up and added insoles. The insoles drastically improve the comfort! I recommend the shoes. The video for adding buckles is a must watch if you have never installed buckles.

John Shuler
Good for beginners

I bought these shoes as a beginner in Rev. War Reenacting for my Continental Artillery impression, and they have been great! 10/10, would recommend.

Leon Brooks
Before purchasing, make sure you have help installing buckles from elsewhere

If you are not experienced in working with leather get help from someone who is. This video makes it seem simple, but you can ruin the shoes trying to position the holes you need to put in the leather if not done correctly. In the video the persons hands blocks much of what he is doing - how he is positioning the spikes, accurately measure the difference between the spikes (going be the "marks", if you can see them, doesn't take into the that the b account that the distance widens as they reach down to the frame.

Great advice on this, thank you. Hmmm, perhaps we will make our own video on these someday.

James Gallagher
superb value colonial shoe

Good quality, well made, and meet period correctness standards for reenacting and living historians. They are right-left lasted, with through-stitched leather soles. They are styled after mid-late 1770’ British shoes, which means the tongue is cut even with the top of the latchets. This may seem uncomfortable for those of us used to wearing earlier American or European continent-styled reproduction shoes with longer tongues.
Mine ran slightly smaller than their size. Ended up 1/2 size larger than my street shoe for proper fit.