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Propper A-TACS LE ACU-Style Shirt-Jacket

Propper A-TACS LE ACU-Style Shirt-Jacket

(H69 E4 BDIS) F5459-ATACS-LE-JKT-023_S/R


Product Description

Propper A-TACS LE ACU-Style Shirt/Jacket

  • ACU-Style Army Combat Uniform
  • A-TACS LE (Advanced Tactical Concealment System Law Enforcement) Camouflage Pattern
  • 65% Polyester 35% Cotton Ripstop
  • Sewn to Military Specification
  • Designed for use by Law Enforcement, Special Operations, or Tactical Response Teams but available to anyone!
  • Extremely Durable A-TACS uniform jacket design

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