Military Uniform Supply Civil War U.S. Blue Forage Cap

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Military Uniform Supply Civil War U.S. Blue Forage Cap

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Civil War U.S. Blue Forage Cap Reproduction Civil War Union Forage Cap Great for Reenactors Made of Blue Wool with Complete Lining Includes genuine leather bill and neckstrap Leather Sweat Band Inside

Customer Reviews

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Dennis Mitchell
Looks Great

Well made , fits great and fits right in with the Union Sack Coat and Sky Blue Mounted trousers I purchased just recently .

Dylan W
Fantastic Model 1858

To make it short this Forage hat is amazing and is made strong. I had bought this cap and the day It was delivered I was extremely happy with the historical accuracy of the forage hat. I was inspecting the chin strap and sweat band, and I noticed the button tongs on the the hat partially broken. I was bummed but I had contacted the customer service and in less then a day they responded and shipped me a new forage cap free of charge. I am grateful by this and shows their great customer service. The forage cap has a great wool exterior and a nice overall fit on your head and never comes loose while wearing it is always nice and tight and takes shape the more you wear it around. Overall the Forage cap is great and the quality is outstanding and is a perfect item to wear to my second visit at Gettysburg.

Glad we could help!

Charles D.
Great Hat for the Price

I purchased and received this Union Forage Cap in the mail about a week ago and considering I've worn it daily since getting it I figured I'd go ahead and give it a review.
My first impressions were that it was a little tight and the material wouldn't quite take the shape that I was hoping for. However, simply wearing the hat like normal solved those issues within a couple of days; the hat's size stretched out just enough to where it fits my head like a glove and the classic 'Civil War hat' shape formed naturally as the material got accustomed to the form it takes from being worn.
The leather headband and visor appear to be genuine leather as advertised. In regards to the headband being leather I was concerned that it'd be uncomfortable against my forehead but thankfully the leather inside is very thin and soft - it doesn't feel unpleasant at all and I really don't even notice it that much. The visor is a thicker leather and can be flipped upwards like the soldiers used to do back in the day. It holds its shape and suits the hat well.
From what I can tell, this hat appears to be historically accurate by measurement & design which was the biggest relief for me. It's quality-made and certainly not cheap like a costume hat would be. I'm not 100% sure what the strap buckle and Federal Eagle buttons are made out of but I'm under the impression they're brass as they should be.
All-in-all, the hat is fantastic and I'm proud to have it.

Thank you for this splendid review of the Forage cap. We appreciate this. Cheers!