GHILLIE BLIND CAMO NETTING - Ghillie Blanket for Concealment and Gear

(H16 D5) 70935-BKT-WOOD

Red Rock Outdoor Gear

IMAGES are a Combination of Both Woodland and Desert Colors/Camouflage

  • SIZE: 5 foot x 12 foot
  • Includes Carry Bag with Shoulder Strap
  • Reinforced Edges for Durability
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Fast Drying, Water Resistant Material
  • The Ghillie Blanket is a multi-function concealment cover designed for (but not limited to):
    • Duck and Goose Blinds
    • Tree Stands
    • Ground Coverage
    • Gear Coverage
    • Camouflage Netting
    • Vehicle, ATV, and Boat Cover
    • Paintball, Airsoft, Hunting and much more!

NOTE: The photos of the Ghillie Blanket rolled up and laid flat are the DESERT Camo Color version. Desert is no longer available, but we kept the pictures to help give a better ideas of what the Woodland Camo product looks like.

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