Canvas Shoulder Duffle Bag

(H61 C2) 2221-BLK


  • Unwashed Heavyweight Cotton Canvas Shoulder Duffle Bag Is Designed to Hold a Variety of Gear and Withstand the Weight of Your Supplies While Traveling
  • The Canvas Duffle Bag Measures 19 Inches X 9 Inches – Perfect as a Carry-On Bag for Airline Travel
  • Double Nylon Zippers Allow Quick and Easy Access to Your Essentials
  • Store Your Phone, Wallet, Keys and Other Small Personal Items in the Zipper End Pocket (6 Inches X 9 ½ Inches)
  • Carry the Overnight Bag with the Twin Carry Handles, or Across Your Body or Over Your Shoulder with the Detachable and Adjustable Shoulder Strap

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