East German Rain Camo Pants - Used Genuine Surplus - Various Sizes

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(R23 B5/C5) (Q2R H31 D4) 601274-DDR-PANTS-K48

European Military Surplus

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  • Authentic, East German Military Surplus
  • 2 Front Slash Pockets and 2 Cargo Pockets
  • Button Fly
  • Adjustable Legs with Button
  • Button Cuff/Hem
  • USED but GOOD Condition pants for Paintball, Hunting or Everyday Wear!
  • Olive Drab with Brown Strichmuster Camouflage Pattern known as Rain Camo

CONDITION: We have noticed that our stock of DDR Rain Camo our GOOD Conditions. The pair you receive may have defects such as: holes, stains, stitched holes, fading, longer/shorter pant leg lengths, missing buttons or may show wear in certain areas, especially the knees. And/or other defects from wear and used surplus.

We also sell the MATCHING JACKET/TOP


German Size (U.S. Waist Size / Inseam)
SK44 (30-32 / X-Short)
K44 (30-32 / Short)
M44 (30-32 / Regular)
G44 (30-32 / Long)
SK48 (33-36 / X-Short)
K48 (33-36 / Short)
M48 (33-36 / Regular)
G48 (33-36 / Long)
SG48 (33/36 / X-Long)

U.S. Waist
30 Small
32-34 Medium
36-38 Large

Length... Inseam measured from crotch to end of pant leg

NOTE: MEASUREMENTS ARE APPROXIMATE. Some pants were off anywhere from an 1/4 inch to an inch. They may have been hemmed by previous owner.

X-Short: ?
Short: approximately 26 1/4 inches
Regular: approximately 27 1/2 inches
Long: approximately 28 inches
X-Long: approximately 29 inches

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